Saturday, September 5, 2015

White Lines III: All Falls Down

On November 17th, readers will be reunited with Born, Jada, Sunny, Zion, Olivia, Frankie, Baron, and all of the characters from the "White Lines" and "Snapped" series! Available soon for pre-order right here at

A few questions for my avid readers:

  • Who is your favorite female character - Olivia (Criminal Minded/White Lines), Jada (White Lines), Sunny (White Lines), or Gillian (Snapped/Aftermath)?
  • Who is the sexiest? Born (White Lines), Dorian (White Lines), Zion (Criminal Minded), Baron (Snapped/Aftermath), or Frankie (Snapped/Aftermath)?
  • Who do you think will emerge victorious in "White Lines III: All Falls Down"? Who will lose?
  • What was your favorite scene in a White lines/Snapped novel?
Thanks for your support! Stay tuned for updates, excerpts, and giveaways leading up to the release this fall!


  1. Im waiting front and center for this release!!! Counting the days down. I want all the characters to get their happy ending. Such history they all went through.... I'm way too excited.. I was told by my bf that I need "tracybrown anonymous" its ridiculous!! ������

  2. Jada is my fav female but I also LOVE Olivia and Born is the sexiest Lamin is a close second hehe and I want them all to come out on top! Can't wait to find out what happens ahhhh so excited

  3. Jada is my favourite because of all that she has been through and how she is now
    All the men were hot, but Dorian had that great mix of rough, smooth and intelligence, so he does it for me
    The next one is hard, because who knows what rollercoaster you're going to take us on for White Lines 3. I think Jada may be more victorious because of all that she has learned. Conversely, I think Frankie and Gillian will lose as I don't think they know what they want. But I don't think that it will be straightforward in terms of winners & losers, because as your novels illustrate, in the 'drug game' no one really wins or loses, and any wins do come at great sacrafice
    Finally (and this is too hard so I'm going to choose one from each!) From White Lines, it was in book one where Born goes to his mother's house and the scene where he asks what is it that makes people choose crack over the ones they love. In Snapped, it's the scene where Latoya is with Dominique confronting Octavia when they find her and how Octavia assumes that Latoya will be the calming influence on her Mum but she's the one who takes it to her. I can really imagine this scene in a film.
    Kemi x

  4. My fave female character would have to be Olivia. Olivia grew up, she changed for the better. I know everybody's fave is Jada. Jada changed her life for the better too but I still find her character weak and a little "cry-baby ish". Sunny needs Jesus and Gillian is the devil ! I hope Jada and Camille kick ass in the final installment!!
    Frankie and Baron are the sexiest to me.
    I hope Jada and Born have their happy ending, Tracy, you took them to hell and back they deserve it. I hope Camille finds a career and a baller and Frankie dies of jealousy. I hope Gillian goes to jail.
    Love you Tracy, cant wait!!!!

  5. :) Loving the comments so far! Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Jada is hands down my favorite female character. She's loyal and she's a fighter. I know some may view her as being weak because she can get emotional at times, but given what she's had to endure throughout her life, I say she's entitled to get emotional and cry. It takes a strong person to go through the things she did and overcome. I love that although she puts on this tough girl act, she still has a vulnerable side. To me she is the true definition of resilience. I love Sunny's character as well. She is unfiltered, says whatever is on her mind and is unapologetic about it. I love the friendship that she and Jada have and think that they are a lot alike in some ways.

    As if there were any other option...Born definitely takes the crown for best male character ( Dorian came close). Its just something about Born. The mere mention of his name and his presence command respect. He's not your average hustler, he's about his business but he seem so down to earth. In fact, if he were a real person, I'd want to meet him (lol) he just comes of as being a laid back kind of guy. I love the love that he and Jada share, its real and pure.

    Im hoping when its all said and done that Born and Jada can finally land on the right side of love. I would have settled for their story ending in White Lines 1. Just knowing that they were able to forgive one another and mend their relationship and become friends was good enough for me. Id like for them to get married and have kids and bring both families together once and for all but we shall see.

    I think Frankie and Camille will be the losers when its all said and done. Frankie obviously doesn't love Camille and Camille came of as being very week, even after Frankie left. Its like she had no motivation to go out and do anything. I think she is still lost in some ways and maybe now that she has had a baby, maybe it will put things into perspective and help her to find herself again.

    Favorite book moment is when Jada mustered up the courage to call Born at like 4 in the morning. I could envision him stumbling out of the bed and grinning like a Cheshire cat hearing her voice after all those years, you feel their love radiating off the book.

    Im just excited and cant wait to see how it all unfolds.

  7. 1)My favorite female Character Is Jade I also like Sunny and Olivia.

    2)My sexist male character is Born I also like Zion.

    3) I hope Born and Jade get their happy ending they have been through a lot and they deserve it. The way it looked at the end of the ebook Born was back with his baby mama. I hope that doesn't last because she is the same person she was before Jade came back in to Born life chick ain't change. I would like to see Sunny have a happy ending to her baby girl needs her and D won't like what she became.

    4)I also loved the moment when Jade called born that touched my heart i was tearing up a lil it was so sweet his love for her I just hope he realize how much he loves her and stop letting people come between them.

  8. Thank you Tracy for this upcoming finale of "White Lines", I'm excited just thinking about it. I simply loved the first two books. (1) My favorite female character(s) are Jada and Sunny. I was moved by them both through the good and bad. (2) The sexist male character and there is no other choice in my eyes, without a doubt is BORN. From his introduction I was connected to him. He was a MAN-CHILD from the beginning. (3) I would love for Born and Jada to have a happy ending, they went through so much. (4) My favorite scene by far and I read those last few chapters over periodically is in "White Lines I" when Jada's Mom passes away and she reconnects with Born after so long. They meet at the restaurant, both looking good, anticipating each other's company, they lay it all out on the table-HONESTLY and they still have that deep seeded LOVE for each other.

  9. I'm confused... White lines 3: love/fate, is all falls down a different book? Because they are both named white lines 3.

    I loved what I read this far and hopefully this is another chapter to the story

  10. As much as I love Tracy brown books, I Hated how white lines3 ended.why would the worst people come out on top? Why would anise be lonely and miserable after all the hell jada put born through she ends up winning his heart but anise only get heart broken and a kidnapped son.