Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Super Side-Eye

Just to recap for those readers who are new to my "Side-Eye of the Week" posts...

1. Side-Eye

A facial expression expressing one's criticism, disapproval, animosity, or scorn of varying levels of intensity towards another person. Defined by one person looking at the other out of the corner of their eye(s) with a scowl, as their head is turned in a different direction. Synonymous expression: "cuttin' your eyes" (at someone).

Got it? Okay. So, having read the definition, I'm sure that you'll agree that there could only be one situation that deserves my "SUPER Side-Eye" distinction this week. (A "super side-eye" is accompanied by sucking one's teeth and ends with rolling one's eyes HARD in the opposite direction from the target.)

This super side-eye is being awarded to none other than Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.

By now, I'm sure that you've heard about the shenanigans between this couple. I won't even bother recapping all the cringe-worthy moments between these two when Basketball Wives was on the air. I won't point to his ridiculous attention-seeking behavior while appearing on Dancing with the Stars. I won't comment on him sporting a blond Mohawk and gold teeth while playing football for the Bengals. Nor will I ponder why a sane adult would legally change his name to "Ochocinco" in honor of his football number.

I won't recap all the many fights that Evelyn started on Basketball Wives. I won't dwell on the national outcry over her need for anger management last season. Nor will I reminisce on her refusal to understand why her former friend pressed charges against her assistant who slapped her in her face over house keys.

We have already witnessed all of that foolishness, and once is enough. No need to stroll down Memory Lane and revisit all of that. (Although, here's the link to my previous blog post on this topic from months ago. http://tracybrownwrites.blogspot.com/2012/05/with-friends-like-these-who-needs.html  :)   Instead, I'll stick to the new developments. Evelyn (who we watched bully several women on Basketball Wives over several seasons) called the police to report a domestic dispute in which Chad allegedly head-butted her during an argument over a receipt for condoms that she found in his car. Forget about the fact that she gave him permission (on television) to cheat as long as he "kept it 100" with her. She was angry, and an argument ensued, followed by an alleged physical altercation which resulted in Evelyn requiring stitches for a three inch gash on her forehead. The police were called, Chad was arrested, and a scandal broke out over all of this. As a result, Chad was dropped from his new team, the Miami Dolphins, and the show that Vh1 planned to air about their recent wedding was cancelled.

Talk about a bad weekend!

It's not my place to decide who is right or wrong in this situation. But I'm sure that we all agree on this: two people were given an opportunity for fame and fortune. One used that platform to bully, intimidate and ostracize other women. The other used it to showcase increasingly buffoonish behavior. Both knew all about the other's reputation for foolishness. And they went ahead with their relationship anyway. Many wonder why a man would marry a woman who has an admittedly colorful past with many athletes (including the ex-husband of one of her BBW cast mates). Many wonder why a woman would marry a man who admitted to her on national TV that he can't imagine being faithful to one woman. Could it be that the two of them allowed their thirst for fame and ratings and money to cloud their better judgment?

We may never know for certain what motivated them. But, what we do know is that both have ruined their "careers" and squandered opportunities that many people would love to have.

And for that, they get my Super Side-Eye.

UPDATE: This just in...Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce after a mere 40 days of marriage. SMH

Photo Credit: Google Images


  1. Do you think she really loved him? I actually think he did love her the best way he knew how...But a head butt is some real bad feelings...can't get over how quickly she filed for divorce as soon as he got fired.

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