Friday, July 13, 2012

Side-Eye of the Week

There were quite a few contenders this week.

R. Kelly got a side-eye for claiming that his marriage ended after he watched the movie "The Notebook". He claimed that the film illustrated how the romance had died in his relationship with this wife, that as the credits rolled he sobbed and mourned his broken marriage, and realized that there was no salvaging it. *side-eye* So...I guess the infidelity, accusations of child molestation and peeing on kids had nothing to do with it, huh, Kells?

Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr. was in the running as well. Having disappeared from Congress over a month ago, many were asking where he was and what was preventing him from attending Congressional sessions. His office released a statement claiming that he was being treated for "exhaustion". *side-eye* Then, after mounting public pressure (and an NBC news report), his camp announced this week that he is suffering from a "mood disorder". *side-eye again* Even Stevie Wonder can see that something ain't right with that story.

Mitt Romney gets a side-eye for allegedly courting Condoleeza Rice as a running mate. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is a thinly veiled attempt at drawing a large black and female group to the voting booths on election day. The two of them don't even see eye to eye on key issues like abortion. So who does Mitt think he's fooling? *side-eye*

But the biggest side-eye of the week is being awarded to the D.C. cop who worked as a motorcycle escort for First Lady Michelle Obama. The officer claimed that he would shoot the First Lady, and even went so far as to produce a photo on his cell phone of the gun he'd use to do it!

Officials dismiss this as a "bad joke by someone who should have known better", and have placed the officer on desk duty.

The First Lady has been a constant target since President Obama took office. She has been criticized for everything from her anti-obesity campaign to taking her daughters on vacation to Spain during a recession and even for wearing shorts while on vacation! It seems that there is no shortage of disdain for everything she says and does. But, this fool who made reference to shooting her took his hate a step further than even Rush Limbaugh. (And that's saying a lot!)

But, shoot the first lady for WHAT? Has she done something so egregious that it warrants such venomous comments? If so, what is it? Is it just because she's a black woman, perceived as "mean" just on the basis of her strength of character? Because, personally, I've never seen any indication that Mrs. Obama is anything but gracious, classy, intelligent and beautiful.

Let's face it, the Obamas know that they have haters. And they manage to take it all in stride.

But, the fool who had the nerve to make a sick "joke" about shooting our beloved First Lady needs more than desk duty. He should be immediately FIRED.

In the meantime, he gets my Side-Eye of the Week.


  1. Girl, these were great reads as always......Love Ya

    1. Love ya right back, Angie! <3 Thanks for reading!