Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sixth Sense

Earlier today, I spoke with a close friend on the telephone. The topic was a project that the two of us are working on together, and we were discussing the fact that certain aspects of the project are changing. My friend informed me that she "knew" that the new developments would occur. She had sensed it, and trusted her instincts. I marveled at how my friend always "knows" what's looming on the horizon. She always trusts her instincts and in my experience she has been right each time.

My friend chuckled when I asked her how she always senses things long before the $#it hits the fan, so to speak. She explained that she just has a gift for ascertaining people's true intentions, their hidden agendas, and their unspoken communication. After hanging up with her, I gave it some thought. If we all tuned in to our "sixth sense", trusted it, and acted accordingly, how much headache and heartache would we save ourselves.

I think back on the relationships I've been involved in - romantic relationships and friendships alike - and I see that most of the times, when a person shows me their true colors, I can point to some situation that foreshadowed it. There is always some red flag that let me know that there was danger ahead, warning me to proceed with caution. And yet, each time I dismissed that voice in my head telling me to "BEWARE"! I chalked it up to paranoia, or an overactive imagination. But, it was my gut instinct telling me that there was more to the story, more to the person, more to the situation, than what meets the eye.

The reason so many of us ignore our intuition is because we want to believe the best of other people. We don't want to think that someone or something we have given an audience to is unworthy of our time and energy. We don't want to believe that some folks are wolves in sheep's clothes or that the words some utter are insincere. But, the truth is not everyone is genuine, forthcoming or truthful. And everyone's intentions aren't pure. So The Creator has built within us a fool-proof system to weed out the snakes in the grass.

I resolve that from this day forth, I will trust my sixth sense. I will believe in my own powers of discernment, just as my good friend continuously does. She has inspired me to acknowledge, trust, and believe that voice in my head ( least one of the voices in my head)! LOL

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